So, if you’re reading this then you’ve probably searched in Google for “why do you need a vacuum cleaner” and it just so happens that you have found yourself right here, reading this, some may seem this as being your lucky day but many will think you’re a sad person who needs to get a grip of your life and should probably get back to doing more useful things like sleeping.


There are actually many reasons as to why you would want to spend your money on a vacuum cleaner and here are 4;

Cleaning: You’ll generally want to keep your living space clean, dust free and livable? wouldn’t you? if you don’t then I’m sorry, you’re a pig.

Pets: Most pet owners know that their furry friends shed their coats every single day, you sit on the dining table with a nice dinner only to realise there are cat hairs on your plate, disgusting. Pet hair can get all over the place and in places you wouldn’t even notice, some vacuum cleaners are especially equipped with pet hair attachments to make a quick job of this when cleaning and some vacuums have better suction altogether, so it’s important to distinguish the difference.

Hard-wood flooring: If you have hard-wood flooring, you must know that if you don’t go over it once a day with a broom or give it a proper good hoover, it can accumulate a lot of surface dust, so unless you want to be breaking your back brooming the floor every minute of the day then I suggest looking into a nice lightweight vacuum cleaner which will make your life a whole lot easier.

Skirting boards: skirting boards are a magnet for dust and particles, if you want to bend down and get on all fours with a micro fiber cloth and dust them right up, hey, friend, you do you but I’d very much prefer to grab a cheap stick vacuum cleaner and give it a quick once over and be done with it in minutes!

Generally, it’s good “house-keeping” for anyone, its just plain convenient to have a quick handheld or light vacuum cleaner to pick up and clean with when you need it, so for reals, don’t be that guy that doesn’t have one, go get one and put it in your storage cupboard and be done with it. Go!